Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bus Route Changes Continued: I'm In the Paper Today

The Local Daily contains an article about the city council approved transit changes. Here are the highlights as I see them:

Transit General Manager Nardini says this, "What we'd like the opportunity to do, through travel training and adjusting their schedule, is to make it just as good or a little better." Maybe a reason why people get grumbly is they're having to rearrange their lives because the Transit General Manager has set for himself such a lofty target.

Here's the part about me: "...the number of riders already is up about 1 percent from last year, which he attributes in part to the addition of bicycle racks on buses this spring. The number of riders per hour stands at 14, a number Nardini said could soon rise to 15..."

I guess this makes me 1 percent.

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