Thursday, July 13, 2006

Beans & Progress

The MinusCar Garden is fertilizer free.

I picked more peas and a bunch of beans a couple days ago. Well, a Cub Scout and a brother helped me with the beans. These are the best beans I’ve ever tasted. At supper we were making plans for next year – spread the planting of the beans over the course of a bunch of weeks. Fresh beans every week, nummy.

Originally the garden water supply was from a 1000 gallon tank nearby. Usually it was empty so we brought our own water from home. Two gallons at a time was enough for the rows we had. Last week the city installed a water source connected to the city water system. Progress…an infinite supply of water! The garden has a lot more mud than it did a few weeks ago. There is no scientific evidence that the mud is directly caused by the increased supply of water to the garden region.

Water is infinite right?

There is probably no scientific evidence that global warming increases evaporation. Or that increased evaporation causes an increase in forest fires. Or that increased evaporation is making the South Dakota drought worse. Or that making the South Dakota drought worse will cause a decreased supply of the countries great automobile energy hope of ethanol. And finally, no scientific evidence that a decreased supply of ethanol will cause the price at the pump for ethanol to rise.

Nope. If there were evidence of these things I surely would have linked to it.

Bring on the Miracle Grow.

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