Wednesday, July 26, 2006

T-Shirt #2

AF in Nashville, TN -

In an age of massive consumerism, bigger is better, the person with the most toys wins mentality, some folks are starting to see that the Emperor is not wearing any clothes. For some they caught a glimpse of the recent movie concerning global warming, others it was their empty pocket book at the pump, others still have been riding their bikes around town all along.

And slowly, some people are getting it. Some of us are realizing it's okay to slow down. Two car garages don't necessitate two cars. Bike lanes aren't a waste of space. Rush hour and traffic jams really are stealing away our lives. Suddenly people realize using your muscles and breaking a sweat isn't just something you do at the gym or on the toilet.

Before you know it, the local grocer down the street seems a lot more appealing then a day trip to mega-mart and the mall. Stopping at the post office isn't a chore; it's a destination on a Saturday stroll around town. You find out the person you pass by in your respective air conditioned personal bubbles is actually your neighbor you'd never met. No longer do you need to build tall fences to avoid them. Now, your weekend entertainment doesn’t require a drive to the consumer-plex, an evening BBQ with your new friends next door seems so much more fulfilling.

Economist and capitalist can crunch the numbers all they want on how much our society has improved because of vehicles. We can certainly acknowledge how accessible it's made our world. But let's be careful of letting the machines control our lives. It's time to do some of our own arithmetic and start subtracting one car at a time. Our lives will be better for it.

Remember - "Minus is the new Plus."


Eric A. said...

" The machines are going to fail"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my essay!

Anonymous said...

"Never send a human to do a machines job" - Matrix

Anonymous said...

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