Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I (Heart) My LBS And My BOB

Today Bill O’Reilly told me this has been the hottest year recorded in the US. Ever. A three degree rise in average temperature. I think he said global warming is occurring. Bill O’Reilly is a nutjob.

The weekend bike trips began Friday with my first bike camping trip. The Cub Scout den hosted a backyard campout a mile away so The Boy 8 and I loaded the BOB Trailer with two tents, two sleeping bags, and a small case of Hot Wheels cars. We rode together and enjoyed a night of sitting in the shade, s’mores, and tent sleeping.

After returning home and showering I put on my 100-degree underwear and prepared for a long lazy very hot day at home.

Around 8:30pm I loaded the BOB with a Therma-rest and some other things and headed to Jazzfest. The My LBS offers a bike valet service. People who ride their bikes can drop them off with the valet. It costs nothing and they don’t have to keep track of them while they enjoy the festival. I spent the evening visiting with The Owner and MrsLBS and enjoying the soothing sounds of Medeski, Martin and Wood; all the while sitting amongst a few hundred bicycles that had been ridden for utility…and would be ridden home drunk.

When the show was over The Owner and I enjoyed a quick ride to the shop to pick up the trailer for the bike racks. The post-festival vibe was awful as pedestrians, cyclists and autos all performed a midnight intermingling to exit the park. One cyclist weaving in and out of pedestrians on the sidewalk attempted to hop a curb and did a total yard sale onto an interstate exit ramp. He picked himself up and headed up the road against traffic. A couple seconds later Charles Darwin came by trying to serve the guy papers.

Sunday morning I loaded up the BOB again, this time with my disc golf clubs and a change of clothes. I met DDD at the course for some early AM throwing. I shot a 57. He didn’t.

From there I went through a Caribou Coffee drive-thru. The server was quite flustered. I don’t know if it was the bike or just that drive-thru is very difficult work. I had to walk her through the steps to fill my order.

I changed in to dry clothes, spent a couple hours at work and finally got back on the bike to ride home. Part of the end of the ride home involves a decent uphill section. Right at the top of a particularly steep section was a girl attending a lemonade stand. At this point the on-the-bike temperature was 108. I stopped. I drank. She didn't have any trouble fillign my order. Ahhhh…

I spent the rest of the day in the in-laws lake. Ahhhh…


The Old Bag said...

...Charles Darwin came by trying to serve the guy papers.


Snakebite said...

I like to support the local lemonade industry as well. I love it when they're chargin' 0.25, but I give a buck. I can see the Mom-unit keeping an eye on the enterprisin' young pups just around the corner. The best part is when they run up to her and say, "Mom!! We made MONEY!!!"

Ride yer bike, buy the lemonade.

mytzpyk said...

Oh yeah. Dad was right there watering the lawn. He mentioned she hadn't sold as much the day before because she was asking for $1. Yeah, I gave her a buck.