Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Report: June 12 - June 18

Mmmmm…stale daaaata…and everybody’s celebratin’.

Trips -
MinusCar: 13
Multi-occupant Auto: 5
Single occupant Auto: 0

Ahhhh…got one. No single occupant trips, no car miles.

This was a banner week for many reasons. On Monday I had The Boy 8 mid-town-pick-up-duty. I worked him too. It was a three block walk from mid-town venue to the bus stop. We rode a route I’d never been on which included a transfer and a guy who talked to either himself or The Boy 8 the whole way. We weren’t sure. Then the big test, a ¾ mile walk from the bus stop to home. Previously we’d been given a ride to the stop. He survived and we talked about men who talk to themselves…or us. We weren’t sure.

Saturday, under threat of rain, I packed up the bag and The Boys and I headed to the annual Festival of Cultures. It was time for another MinusCar adventure. After passing the test earlier in the week we all walked to the bus stop. We waited in a nice grassy place by the stop…and the bus blew right by us. Fortunately it stopped for a nearby right turn so I was able to get the drivers attention. “Sorry. I never pick anybody up out here. I thought you were just …”

The driver told us stories the whole way in to downtown. One was about when he used to work for Habitat for Humanity. He was assigned to pick up a front-end loader that was really too big for him to be driving. “Go ahead,” his boss said, “I’ve seen your drive the bobcat.” Turns out he’d obliviously run over a large number of construction barrels along the way. I wondered if that had anything to do with the fact that he used to work for Habitat…and I couldn’t help but notice he is still operating large vehicles.

As we entered the bus it started to rain. It was still raining as we walked through downtown to get the trolley. It was still raining when we departed the trolley for the festival. It’s hard to eat curried chicken standing up holding a fork in one hand, a plate in the other hand, and an umbrella in the other…where was that I put it? It rained an inch or two while we were out. We finally ended up at the downtown library…because that’s where you go when it’s raining and you don’t have a car. Yo.

My Car Miles: 0
My Bike Miles/Hours: 117.1/8.4

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