Monday, July 24, 2006

July 17 - 23

New report feature: Destinations - the number of places I stop for useful purpose.

Trips -
MinusCar: 12
Multi-occupant Auto: 5
Single occupant Auto: 2
Destinations: 37

I’m noticing a pattern. I seem to be a bit lazy on Mondays. This week and last, if I hadn’t driven on Monday I would have had zero single occupant trips. Today (another Monday) – I was sure to ride.

Saturday was a big day. The Boy 8 had 7 hours of party split between two people’s birthdays. It took a bit of thought to figure out how to minimize car use for this day.

We drove together to party #1 with the bike on the car. While he was bowling I went for a bike ride. I was going to run errands but I rode too far and enjoyed my cookie and apple juice on the deck at The Namesake too much. I returned to the party with time enough to enjoy South Park pinball with KT. He got two multiballs on this third turn. He won. Multiball rules!

With an hour to kill between the parties we got my errands done. Honestly this added distance to my car miles, but hey, what’s a MinusCar Project without a little inefficient fun. One errand was the purchase of printer cartridges at Staples. They gave me a baggie. Printed on the baggie are instructions to return my used cartridge to Staples for $3 off my next cartridge. Very cool.

For party #2 he swam while I rode home to get stuff done and eat the suppertime meal…and then rode back for the final leg of the day…the return of the car to home.

My Car Miles: 38
My Bike Miles/Hours: 129/8.9

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Have you ever tried Caboodle Cartridge?