Thursday, July 20, 2006

Reports: June 19 – July 9

Playing a little catch-up tonight.

June 19 - June 25

Trips -
MinusCar: 7
Multi-occupant Auto: 5
Single occupant Auto: 4

My Car Miles: 27
My Bike Miles/Hours: 69/4.8

June 26 - July 2

Trips -
MinusCar: 10
Multi-occupant Auto: 4
Single occupant Auto: 1

Bike miles are low. This was the week of the MinusCar trip to MLPS. There wasn't much opportunity to ride.

My Car Miles: 17
My Bike Miles/Hours: 56/4

July 3 – July 9

Trips -
MinusCar: 2
Multi-occupant Auto: 4
Single occupant Auto: 8

THIS was not a good week. I guess I fell back in love with my car. There was one whole bike ride. I can’t remember what the other MinusCar trip was.

My Car Miles: 55
My Bike Miles/Hours: 15/1

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Anonymous said...

In case you haven't seen this New York Times OpEd piece (and why would you have?), written by a guy who happens to be a surgeon (and whose opinion is, presumably, thus of value to a national newspaper) and who was hit by an 85-yr. old driver last year, see this:

Don't worry about the bad week, by the way; we're certain you'll climb right back into the saddle next week. We cyclists/transit riders/pedestrians do continual penance for the sins of our automobile-worshipping brethren, and though we 'fall' from time to time, God is surely pleased with we who strive to stop driving.. Your efforts are much appreciated by mortals, too.