Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Want A T-Shirt? Write An Essay

8/10 - I've got two in the hopper and I'm no longer trading t-shirts for essays.

This blog celebrated its first birthday a couple months ago and I don’t think I celebrated properly (at all) so…Happy Birthday Blog! Seven years (plus or minus what, 8?) ‘till we reach climate tipping point.

For his 60th birthday W gave an interview to People Magazine. He claims he’s in the process of solving global warming. That’s cool…Al Gore invented global warming. Anyway, I’m going to keep solving it my way because I don’t think the climate solution looks anything like New Orleans or Iraq. Actually I think the climate without a solution looks like New Orleans.

During the year I’ve learned something from the Fat Cyclist…talent and good stories go a long way. Having something to give away doesn’t hurt either.

I also think it’s time to have a reader appreciation event. Don’t you? Of course you do…you’re a reader. You can’t fool me. Seriously, thank you readers. When I started this it didn’t occur to me that people would actually read it let alone come back to read it more. Yep, it’s true, there are a handful of regular readers and I’m almost positive not all of them are my mom (The Dad reads too!) I gotta give special thanks to the Fat Cyclist and Oil is for sissy’s for mentioning me once in awhile. Lot’s of people reading this are here because of you two.

Here’s the deal: with design help from The Owner (he’s made a few in his time) I’ve got some t-shirts to give away. It’s a limited number but making more isn’t out of the question (remember the 31 lbs of coin?). The sizes I have are XL and XXL (that’s payback for all the shirts I’ve gotten at bike events that I can’t wear because they’re too small...and you thought the Fat Cyclist was fat.)

Business up front:

Party in the back:

For better perspective look at the bottom of this post.

The shirts are monetarily free… you gotta pay with words. Write something around the “minus is the new plus” theme. 300 words minimum. I don’t care if it’s good or bad. I want to publish it on this blog but if you say no I’ll honor that. Leave it as a comment to this post, or e-mail it to me. Any address information exchanged in this transaction will not be used by anybody but me and only for shirt delivery. Upon request I’ll wear it on a commute prior to mailing. Icky. I will make every effort to supply a shirt for every essay but I cannot guarantee every essay will result in a shirt.

I first read “minus is the new plus” in the comments to the Oil Is For Sissy’s post “Freaking Out the Unimaginative.” The comment was left by Mike Beganyi.

Write on. Ride on. Go. And yes…thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

As of 5:00 pm on Thursday, I will be unemployed. I have had this job for four years and six months and it has been pretty good to me. But even though I don’t have another job lined up – I’ve barely got one in mind – I’m leaving my job on Thursday because one day I got to thinking...

We all know that you only go through this wash cycle once. You only get one shot at life. And your job, here in the good ole U.S. of A, is a big part of that life. Now, here’s the part I hadn’t thought of before. Your job is not just something you do. It is the thing that keeps you from doing something else.

Maybe you’ve thought of that before, but I’m damn near 40 and I hadn’t. So I’m going to say it again: Your current job is the thing that keeps you from doing something else.

Sure it’s self evident – after you see it. But I didn’t see it until recently.

I didn’t see that the very simple reason that I wasn’t doing my dream job – the work I was born to do – was because I was busy doing the job I had. It was quietly filling that very substantial space in my life. I didn’t recognize it, but, day after day, I was filling my only job spot out of habit. I was permitting such an important part of my identity and my life to be filled by default.

And then one day I saw the light – My job was the thing that kept me from doing something else. Just as long as I kept the place where something else could go occupied with the job I was doing, I would never, ever, get around to doing something else.

So, as of 5:00 pm on Thursday, I will be unemployed. I’m putting a minus where my job has resided for 54 months so that it has a chance to be filled with a new plus.

Cross your fingers.

Anonymous said...

Wow. My "minus is the new plus" post started this? Eeek!

Guess I better write an essay to get one of those shirts. I like em!

Anonymous said...

My previous job required a car, I did in home personal training. It's bad form to show up late to an appointment because you bonked and then smell bad because of the hill your client lives on. I quit that job to go back to school. School has a built in shower and locker room, so I have no excuses not to ride my bike.
Since I was going to commute by bike I should probably sell my car. You can get more money for a car in Astoria OR than you can in Utah. I have the time to ride my bike to Utah. So I guess the decision was pretty much made. I sold my car and rode my bike to Utah.
I don't want anyone to think I'm tougher than I really am; my wife drove the moving van with all of our stuff and her mom brought our minivan with the kids. So the family still has a car, but after I left my wife alone to move and watch the kids for a month while I worked and played, you better believe that Iwill not have car priveledges.

westwind said...

I saw that you are no longer trading shirts for essays (curse my tendency to procrastinate!!) Is it possible to buy a shirt? What if I right a REALLY good essay, could you be plied with pasties? Whats a girl gotta do to get a shirt?
I want one, I need one, I gotta have one!

mytzpyk said...

You could write one and see what happens. (you mean pastries I hope)