Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wean Yourself

Geez Magazine has done it again.

In March there was an article, Prank - Demotorizing my soul:
“We're not meant to go that fast. It's just too hard on the spirit. So I quit air travel. Planted my feet on the ground, tuned up my old bicycle and set my conscience at ease.”
Then I found the website:
“A place where the moon shines quiet, instinct runs mythic and belief rides a bike (or at least sits on the couch entertaining the possibility).”
I subscribed (issue two, my first):
“I consider the psychologist Abraham Maslow, whose ‘hierarchy of needs’ placed basic necessities – food, clothing and shelter – at the foundation of the pyramid. Once basal needs were satisfied, Maslow assumed human beings would ultimately strive toward self-actualization, not a second car.”
And now...the De-MOTORize Your Soul campaign:
“The De-Motorize Your Soul campaign is a guilt-free experiment in untangling the human body, mind and soul from the oil apparatus. It is a gathering point for your wishes, apprehensions and actions.”
The MinusCar Project is honored to be included as an example* as they kick-off their campaign.

*Warning: religious or spiritual content that may be too left for the right and too right for the left ahead…you’ve been warned.


Janice Bakke said...

Thanks for the reference to Geez in an earlier post. I also recently received my first subscription copy and have enjoyed reading through it.

Anonymous said...

Your site and devotion to it have helped me stay focused in swearing off the car and finding out about life again. Thanks, Woo

mytzpyk said...

Thanks for all this positive feedback. It's people like you that help it all keep going.