Friday, January 09, 2009

2008 Miles

The year has ended.

Here's a chart showing the 8 times I filled up in 2008.

Looks like annual biking miles over 3 years is right around 3,000.

Looks like annual automobile miles over 3 years is just shy of 2,000.

The chart clearly shows improvements can be made, especially February and August. February is bad because it's cold. August is probably bad because I stayed up too late into the nights to wake up with time and energy to ride.

I'd really like to reach 4,000 bike miles but not enough to make my list of 7 resolutions for 2009 - eight.

Lately I've been experiencing public transportation and walking more than biking. I've been having quite the adventures too. Seems one particular driver is resigned to schedule failure on a particular route making it difficult for me to make my connections to get home.

I am no longer able to think of the bus service as reliable for anybody with schedule needs that go beyond experimentation with transportation. My family offers me heaping amounts of grace when it comes to this - for that I am grateful.

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The Donut Guy said...

That's pretty cool.

One car oughta last you a *real* long time:-)