Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh The Weather Outside Is...

...delightful. It's supposed to be near 50 today.

Too bad I'll be locked inside Monk's House Of Ale Repute watching a US Forestry DVD about building trail. Follow that by discussing the month of February with the same group. Oh well, at least there will be the bike ride to and from the venue. Did I mention they're opening Monk's early just for us? Woot! Nothing like a little creativity in meeting space. I can already taste the BBQ Chicken Pizza! The snowball is gaining momentum and it's looking like February will be our first opportunity to be squashed by the bureaucratic machine.

Yesterday was a pretty fine day in all things bike-able. With the studded tires in the capable hands of the LBS I rode to work without. Some pre-ride apprehension gave way to ride elation as I rediscovered the relative joy of riding 30lbs less of bike.

Lunchtime errands, and a post work ride to meet my trainer put me at an 18 mile day.

I had two pretty fun conversations during the day:

1. at lunch, helmet on (practice safe eating), messenger bag loaded with goods complete with extruding document tube (singletrack project posters) the mother of an apparent 6-ish year old son approaches. "My son just said, 'I thought you said that bikes can't be ridden in the winter.' I had to tell him that I just don't want him to ride in the winter."

That's right kid. Rethink it.

The Trainer and I discussed whether I should maintain a membership or simply pay for training. "We have some very good cycling classes." "Uh, I'm fundamentally opposed to bicycling inside." "Well, I mean for during the winter." "Oh, I'm on my bike today."

I introduced her to Community Supported Agriculture during our meet/greet too. I figured I was on pretty safe ground talking vegetables with her. I'm counting the weeks until this year's veggies begin to sprout. I can't wait for that lettuce. As we finished our final squash dish I was already looking forward to next fall.

I think that's what the mean when they talk about the joys of in season eating.


Snakebite said...

Trainer? What trainer? Who? What? When? Where? Must not be a the same place with the same person as the Mrs MinusCar, correct?

mytzpyk said...

Noap. Not with the missus. Too far away from my work.