Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Day Ride

As is my custom I rode the Spoke-n-Sport First Best Darn Bike Ride Of The Year today. 200-ish people turned out for a quite nice January day.

The second best part about this particular year was The Wife accompanied me for the first time. Ice was a concern - we were without studded tires on the tandem. There were a few spots of concern but only once did I feel like we had used up all our margin for error. The best part was that we made it through that experience with the rubber side still down and loaded.

All the usual suspects were there - no surprise.

The Dad rode - but that's not too unusual. It may have even been his second ride that day.

I caught up with The Pastor - always a highlight.

Day one - 2009 - in the books.


Anonymous said...

You two looked "mahvelous" or did I say that?
Yup, I sure did!
Cuz ya did!

DIRK said...

Great to see the two of you on the tandem.
(A message from one of the usual suspects)