Monday, January 05, 2009

I Hadn't Thought Of It That Way Before...

A driver stopped for me at a mid-block well marked crosswalk today as I pursued lunch on foot. I might be 1 for 10 now at that spot.

I was so happy I celebrated by trying to get run over in the driveway outside my dining venue. In her defense I was walking against traffic which is slightly less dangerous than bicycling aginst traffic on the sidewalk.

I think she was a little surprised that we'd selected the same venue for lunch - which is to say, I think she changed her mind about lunch after that.


I read with an unsual amount of interest the Pinch Flat News post that reprinted one of his 1997 articles that included these words:
"That bikes should observe all the traffic laws governing cars is ridiculous, dangerous, and pointless -- especially since car drivers are genetically incapable of recognizing bikers as legitimate vehicles with whom they must share the road."
Perhaps it was the "Joe Soucheray: Not cold nor sludge can stop the morons" article published on that included these words:
"..if they fall down in front of me, I will run over them in their snowmobile suits and squash them like a bug...Oh, I'll call 911 and tell them where the body is, but I ain't stoppin'."
That helped me see this argument more clearly than in the past. I got it, understood it, maybe even started to belive it.

But at the same time I'll try to remember the majority of folks on the road that don't think like terrorists.


Anonymous said...

Well, you may have to rethink your thought about most people on the road not being terrorists.
To Quote A Long Dead singer/Songwriter;
"I've got a 38 gun in my pocket for fun"
Although I think the songwriter talked about a 32 gun......
So, does that make the songwriter an optomist, or everyone else that could carry one of THOSE things (albeit of a slightly larger caliber) in their pocket a pessimist?

Snakebite said...

Where were you going to eat?

mytzpyk said...

Fred's Fried Filets