Monday, January 12, 2009

The MinusCar Week 2009.1

My LBS likes me because I make pictures that look like this - even if they are badly shot. Underneath all that snow is a $4,000 carbon road bike - as far as you know.

I didn't use my car at all this week. I got a few rides in including the chilly Saturday Coffee/Doughnut ride.

A much warmer (30 degrees?) Sunday ride to Caribou marked the beginning of singletrack meeting #3. We didn't get as far as I'd anticipated but next up we're taking over Monk's House of Ale Repute for some serious trail making DVD watching. Hopefully this will make up for yesterday's very long and work intensive Sunday effort.

I wonder how the other customers will like the finer points of trail building?

A final thought. Be careful out there. It's slickery. Friday night I watched a woman depart the bus and promptly hit the deck, three ring binder papers flying. I resolved right then and there to not let that happen to me. When I departed the bus I walked 20 feet before I fell.

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chiggins said...

I think if ice was as much a part of my life here as it seems to be there, I'd carry around a pair of thrift store golf shoes in my bag. Come to think of it, that would also satisfy my secret fetish for fringed wing tips.