Thursday, January 29, 2009

LifeLight Going Green?

Remember back in the good old days when I was complaining about James Dobson and his view on global warming? He said - "What Richard Cizik and his associates want us to do is roll back the use of fossil fuels (oil) to the 1998 levels, or even earlier, which would paralyze industry and put millions of people out of work."

I noted with interest today's Local Daily article detailing scale backs at one of my favorite local ministries LifeLight. I'm sure this is a very heavy time for the folks at LifeLight as they try to reduce expenses yet still maintain an excellent festival.

But the symbolism of this caught my fancy - they're scaling back production including eliminating one of two jumbo video screens on main stage. I'm pretty sure this means a serious reduction in energy consumption therefore reducing the festival's carbon footprint.

Less symbolically are the local roadway traffic counts I pointed to previously. Ask a SD DOT guy why the counts are reduced by roughly 10% and he might suggest that people just aren't going out and buying stuff like they used to. Reduce trips, reduce energy consumption. Reduce consumption of stuff, further reduce energy consumption.

Hey James - it turns out - if you "paralyze industry and put millions [well hundreds of thousands, ed.] of people out of work" use of fossil fuels begins to approach that of "1998 levels, or even earlier."

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