Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where's My Singlespeed?

...oh, I'm on it - now I have two. It stands to reason - if you cover your bike with snow and ice, your bike will be covered with snow and ice.

I rode today. Apparently temperatures were below zero. Based on base layer moisture content I either wore my wicking layer inside-out again or I overdressed.

My snow and ice covered gears refused to shift. I manually moved the chain to the big ring and down a cog so I wasn't pedaling 1:1.

I had to ride because it's the only way to thaw out the bike. After a year in this new building I've observed enough of the unwritten rules that I'm comfortable parking in the garage. The gears will thaw and if they don't turn to rust I'll get a couple days worth of shifting back.

Besides - I love leaving work to a nice warm bicycle. No scraping windows or sitting in the parking lot waiting for it to warm up. Ahhh...executive luxury without the inconvenience of owning an SUV.

(rule #1 for blogging - don't blog about work. They will learn I'm parking in the garage.)

(rule #2 for blogging - don't blog about not blogging about work. It's embarrassing.)


Eric A. said...

At the moment. I think I would be happy about just having a job.
Cudos to you good sir. :)
The elements need to be braved.

caheidelberger said...

Gears schmears! Pick your favorite and let's ride (and slide)! :-)

I too love that instant warm-up feature on my bicycle: roll out of the basement, and it's ready to go. Whee!