Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I had The Daily Show rolling on the television this evening. All the talk about Obama put The Boys in political mindsets. The Boy 6 wants to know why we never elect girl presidents. I think he's disappointed in his parents for voting for a man.


I perked up yesterday when they started talking about trust and other matters of the heart. I thought Krista Tippett nailed it when she said, "But I think one of the great ironies...of what's happening now in the economy is the economic concepts and theories, when it was presented as fact and logic was as fanciful as Narnia...we have been dealing in a world of illogic and illusion presented as fact and logic, and I wonder if we take that seriously, if some of these concepts that you're talking about of the heart and of community, of trust, of relational trust, can we begin to see some of those things as more real."

Parker Palmer said, "It's a lot easier to try to get a grant or beg the feds for more money or bring in the latest dog and pony show from the curricular experts. A lot easier to do that, because it's all arm's-length stuff. But when we're challenged to invest ourselves, we shy away from that challenge because it means taking risks. It means making ourselves vulnerable. It means trying to speak the truth. It means a whole lot of things that we don't want to do. And so we're being looked at, we're being seen into, by these great and fundamental forces that challenge us to change, and those forces are forces of the heart. They're forces that involve us coming closer to our own reality and closer to our responsibility for one another."

Yesterday's podcast was Speaking of Faith's - Repossessing Virtue: Parker Palmer on Economic Crisis, Morality and Meaning.

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Eric A. said...

Personal responsiblity for oneself and ones cared for. For the win , please.