Wednesday, September 02, 2009

090902 – Rain:Rule #1

Rain:Rule #1 - No matter the forecast, if it’s not raining at ride time, ride. If it starts raining during the ride, get wet. I woke to the promise of rain all day and simply got spit on a bit after work.


I noticed this morning that the bike rack at The Boy 7’s school is insufficient for the number of bikes being ridden to school. It looked to me like they need about 50% more. I’m down with that! I’ll effort to get a photo.


Today’s Transport –
Bike: 10.5
Multi-occupant Auto: 7.3

After spending time setting up a small network for the impending LifeLight Festival The Pastor suggested a ride home was in order. While auto transport is very low in the MinusCar hierarhy of transportational methods additional minutes with high-quality people/groups is very high in the MinusCar hierarhy of time usage.

I accept.


Interesting offers of sympathy to me today from the woman working the desk after I'd completed my training session. She realized I'd be riding back to work. I think of it as extending my exercise session.


db said...

We share the same rain/forecast philosophy. I'd say 80 percent of the time here, maybe even more, I do not end up getting wet. And we share the same post-workout ride philosopy. My tae kwon-do students cannot fathom why I would ride to and from class.

We do not share the same spelling rules. (There's a "c" in "hierarchy". The copy-editor in me just can't let that go.)

I would like to get some bike racks set up for local schools here, as well. Let us know whom you approach and what the response is.

Eric A. said...

West SF is a mad house in the mornings. I don't miss it.

Jon said...

The only difference between your philosophy and mine is, if it's raining I just put on rain gear and ride, anyway. Oddly, I enjoy rainy rides.

DIRK said...

I woke up to heavy rain this morning. The wife drove me to work. Sorry to have let you down!

Nevermind, that was just more quality time with her.

Canada life insurance said...

The rain rule is quite funny. Well, does it matter if its not raining(if the forecast says it will) if you can get wet during the ride anyway? I mean, you can go for a ride even if it's raining then. Oh and weirdly enough, you can even insure the weather today.