Tuesday, September 15, 2009

090915 – One Less Gator

Today’s Transport –
Walk: 1.5
Bike: 15.4


I’m at a city-wide festival. I’m walking around enjoying vendor booths and fried food. There it is, poking its way through the crowd a motor vehicle threatening my shins and toes. No doubt it’s on an important mission to deliver duct tape or pencils to a vendor somewhere with the 100 yard radius.

This coming weekend The City is hosting its first ever Green-ival. It’s a festival with vendors who ostensibly care about sustainability and related issues. They say the vendor response is much greater than expected. That’s exciting.

The MinusCar Project has volunteered its gator. I think I’ve got the colors close to right. I'll be the motor.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will accept me and my backpack as a Vendor Delivery system? I'm like media-mail... I may take longer but I'm reliable and don't cost much, haha.

FunkyMama said...

awesome. :)

davintosh said...

Was there any promotion of this event outside of the city website at all? I don't subscribe to the Argus and don't watch every local newscast, but I do catch one or the other on occasion and keep an ear to the radio most days. I would think I'd have heard something about this event BEFORE the event.

mytzpyk said...

The MinusCar Project covered it.


It was a City event and they don't use your tax dollars to advertise. They use press releases and they're at the mercy of the medias to get the word out.

As you know the media doesn't always cover everything like most people wish they would.