Tuesday, September 22, 2009

090922 - The MinusCar Still Runs

Today's Transport -
Single-occupant: 28

I drove today. I attended the Corridors & Facilities chapters of the Shape Sioux Falls 2035 Comprehensive Plan. The meeting occurred at University Center. I'm pretty sure that's just a bit shy of the North Dakota border. Almost as far north as Sioux Printing.

I drove today.

The Corridors chapter calls for "complete streets." It's not clear from the document what that means. My written comments will point out, "Complete Streets" has meaning.

Wouldn't it be cool if some (all?) of the facilities the city builds in the next 25 years are LEED certified? Sustainability IS one of the 3 main goals of this document.

I learned new State buildings already require certification. I learned separately that's problematic for The State. I'm happy to agree this stuff isn't easy, after all...

I drove today.

Mr. Bite however did not drive. Alas, he doesn't own a car.


I did not attend the free showing of Food, Inc downtown tonight. Judging from hits to the blog from The Googler there was some interest. That's good. I like the idea of films like this being available in the city.

Maybe they'll give me a cut of the gate for being their web presence.

Whoever THEY are.

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Snakebite said...

I think there's another showing of the Food movie soon -ish, for free, at Augustana Junior College.