Sunday, September 13, 2009

090912 – Coffee & Donuts & Bikes, Oh My

As I rolled out this morning I began thinking we might rename today’s FAB Coffee & Donut ride the Pea Soup Ride.

Arrived at the rendezvous site and found a couple of the usual suspects and one Russell The Muscle ready for his first Coffee/Donut venture.

As ride leader I was prepared to explore the northwest roundabout but that was trumped by the words “I know where there’s a bike trail through a bean field.” Off we went in search of the mythical bean field.

As a 30 year resident good CD rides are marked by the number of neighborhoods we ride through that I’ve never seen before. We picked our way through the area east of Cherry Rock Park and found ourselves eventually at the brand new Rosa Parks Elementary. The pedestrian underpass there is beautiful and a pleasing statement for consideration of alternative transportation.

The trail in the bean field is too.

The Wild Woopie Bakery was the ultimate destination and on the way there I got pinched by a garbage truck. Lesson…don’t get pinched. Had I been controlling my lane instead of cowering on the right both I and the driver would have been more comfortable.

“Don’t compromise your safety for the convenience of another.”


Today’s Transport –
Bike: 28.3
Multi-occupant: 7.6

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