Saturday, September 26, 2009

090926 - Auction, Or Not

Today's Transport -
Walk: 2.9
Bike: 15.6
Multi-occupant: 12.2

The MinusCar is still littering The Cityscape. Hope it's doing ok.


Woke up this morning with designs to meek CycleSD at the police confiscated materials auction. Figuring there'd be plenty of bikes we hoped to get our hands on a few of the best in the pile. From there we'd hope to distribute them to places or people in need of bikes.

But there were no bikes.

I'm guessing they'd already distributed them to places or people in need of bikes.

So I joined the FAB Coffee/Donut ride - already in progress. B & G @ Michelle's and another cup 'o joe at Black Sheep: The Coffee Shop-n-the-Hood.

It was a good morning.


2.9 miles of walking or as I prefer to call it - getting to know The Wife.

1 comment:

Snakebite said...

"getting to know The Wife"

Glad you two are finally getting around to this. You know, with that "arranged marriage" and all.