Sunday, September 20, 2009

090920 – Feeling Lucky? 13 Things.

Today’s Transport –
Bike: 41.7
Multi-occupant: 6.9


I’m going to try to make this short and quick.

1. Arrive late at Falls Park to help Spoke-n-Sport setup bike valet service at the Green-ival.

2. Breakfast with The Owner – which partially, coincidentally, coincided with breakfast with Snakebite and the Missus. Perfect time to get caught up on the chapter meetings for the Shape Sioux Falls 2035 Comprehensive Plan.

3. Return to Green-ival to volunteer as water boy. Spent precious little energy delivering water and cookies mainly to volunteer parking attendants. They were grateful, which was everything this volunteer needed. I did hear the words “You’re the one on the cute little bike!” Ummmm...if you’re the one with the cute little compost pile.

4. I observed a lengthy cell phone conversation between two people unknowingly standing less than 20 feet apart. Funny. Everytime a train went by they couldn’t hear each other.

5. The Family showed up. They Boys wore their MinusCar t-shirts. Sometimes I think I might be living a dream.

6. I rode the long way home. Discovered some cars parked partially on the bike trail watching soccer. Half of them drove away after they realized I was taking pictures.

7.’s where the heart is…and dinner too.

8. Off to a meeting. Crash! Most bicycle crashes are preventable. This one was too. I had decided I’d put my lights on at the bridge. Fell of approaching the bridge because I didn’t have my lights on.

9. Meeting #1 of the newly freshly inspired Sioux Falls Bicycle Collective. I was a bit of a party crasher. I probably talked too much. I probably sound like I know a lot about what’s going on. Darn. I’ll try to do better next time. I like being around people inspired to encourage cycling.

10. Off to Monks to add some more miles and to see who’s there. That Bald and Surly fellow was holding up the rail. He let me help.

11. Rode part way home with that same Bald and Surly fellow. Saw a mink. Parted ways. Saw a skunk. Night rides are thrilling.

12. "Honey, pick up ½ gallon of soymilk on your way home." "You mean ride my bike more? Ok."’s where the heart is...and the bed too.


Unknown said...

That sounds like just about the perfect day. :)

SD_pedalpower said...

Your lucky...hey, I don't believe in luck :)