Saturday, September 26, 2009

090925 – Rain; Date Night

Today’s Transport –
Walk: .8
Multi-occupant: 37.7
Single-occupant: 7.7


A rainy morning and additional rain related parental duties pushed me into The MinusCar today. Oops. I just realized it remains parked in my employer’s parking lot. In a way, it's litter.


The Wife and I headed to Worthing, SD and full-on enjoyed the Olde Towne Dinner Theatre’s production of The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged). When John Boe wasn’t reminding me of Jack Black I couldn’t help but think of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.



Techincally this next item belongs on tomororw's post but hey, it's not tomorrow until I've experienced significant sleep. And I haven't.

The Local Daily had published an article "South Dakotans cut back on sharing the ride to work." Apparently census data has revealed that the number of South Dakotans driving alone to work has defied a national trend; it has increased.

This part of the article is my favorite:

"If Sioux Falls workers began car pools, it would be a positive development, Michael Christensen said. He prefers biking to driving and operates the MinusCar Project blog at

'Car-pooling is great because it gets you around other people," he said. "That's a good community-building thing.'"

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Unknown said...

Woo, getting the word around! That date night sounds fun, how expensive is that dinner theatre?