Thursday, September 17, 2009

090917 – A Guy Named Thune

Today’s Transport –
Walk: 1.5
Bike: 11.5


Yesterday the United States Senate dealt with two transportation related amendments of interest to bicyclists.

The two amendments were introduced by Oklahoma Senator Coburn; both were attempts to severely cripple the existence of the Transportation Enhancements portion of the Transportation Bill. Transportation Enhancements are the 10% portion of the Transportation Bill that help support and fund public transport, bicycle and walking related improvements. Senator Coburn figures that the 10% needs to go to road projects.

Coburn withdrew one amendment. The second went to vote and was rejected 59 to 39.

The photos in this post are of my neighbor and South Dakota Senator John Thune. He was in town in April 2008 to celebrate the groundbreaking of a small section of paved multi-use trail in The City that he helped fund. He’s clearly enjoying the accolades being heaped upon him for helping extend our beautiful MUP.

Yesterday Senator John Thune voted for the failed Coburn amendment.

Thanks John.


FunkyMama said...

ha. this is good. thanks for this post.

Snakebite said...

That fumb ducker. The rethuglican party says jump and Thune the Buffoon says how high. I don't this joker has ever had an original thought.

Anonymous said...

I love JT. He's goes to my church and is a godly man. His vote was correct.

mytzpyk said...

I love church going folk who wish to remain anonymous.

Snakebite said...

“Religion is what keeps the poor man from murdering the rich” -Napoleon Bonaparte

mytzpyk said...

Thy Myth Of The Godly Man

I love riding to work. There’s lots of time to think. Sometimes I listen too.

This guy in my ear was going on and on about all the things that King Solomon did that eventually caused God to exile His chosen people to Babylon. That got me thinking about Solomon’s dad. King David, who God anointed, “you are the one.” He slept with Bathsheba then arranged the murder of her husband Uriah. King David who Nathan anointed, pointing the long finger of justice at him, “you are the one.”

There’s Adam in the garden committing that original sin.

There’s Judas in the other garden committing that other sin.

So it’s great that John Thune goes to "church." I’ve worshiped more than a few times at the same time in the same room. It’s great that John Thune is a Godly man.

How many times does the preacher have to say church isn’t a building? Church happens relationally and communally every day of the week.

Being anonymous is that antithesis of that.

So here. In the real world. Where I work relationally and communally with a handful of other folks to try to shape the world I see and touch - pointing out that I celebrated with JT less than a year and a half ago something that he was willing to throw away yesterday for more roads that The City can’t even afford to maintain or plow, is not inappropriate.

Godly or not.

gobucky said...

One of our Senators, Feingold, whom I generally agree with, also voted for the amendment. What the heck? Many, many, many tourist $$ from bike-recreation, other recreation, and bike-related businesses are in our fair state.

thE_kErnEl said...

I'm gonna vote for the other dude in that picture next time.

mytzpyk said...

I don't know kErnEl. He might be worse!

Jackilope said...

I dunno about the holier than thou comment from anon. Ever hear about the C Street guys? Well, part of the belief system is that C Street guys don't care about the meek - like alot of church goin' folk. There's a skewed view and it's chilling to read and to see how powerful and underground it is.

Here's some links:

It lists Sen. Thune as a close friend of "The Family". So, I'm wonderin' if "anon" is a C Streeter/C Mafia type.

Thune isn't for health care reform or the good of the biking community.

Anonymous said...

hee, hee, hee.

davintosh said...

Wow. And the left worries about the tea party-ers and frets about the dropping level of political discourse in the country... How many of you slamming Thune have actually talked with the man?

Yeah. Didn't think so.