Sunday, September 27, 2009

090927 - Meeting? Really?

Today's Transport
Walk: 4.0
Multi-occupant: 84.8

Travelled to the lake today to assist with dock removal. Remarkably no waves overtopped the waders. Yes!


State Rep Jerstad has reported she's coming to town tomorrow to address the city council. She's invited other cyclists to sit in.

There is no regularly scheduled city council meeting tomorrow. Hmmm...

The Local Daily reports State Rep Jerstad will submit legislation of a 3ft passing law for cyclists this January. They report she's meeting with the Sioux Falls Metro bike committee tomorrow to discuss. I haven't heard of this committee but I'm pretty sure I'm on it.

There is no regularly scheduled committee meeting tomorrow.

I wonder who will meet and where. I'll be sorry to miss.


Update: Rep Jerstad indicates she'll attend the Oct 12 council meeting.

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