Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Allergies and Cub Scouts with Allergies

"Anything that makes them cry will be good."

The Boy 3 began attending pre-school. We performed our customary routine of meeting with his handlers to explain the allergies and the need to be careful. We agreed with the handlers that we'd send food that he could eat for snack, and we discussed things like the "sensory table" and the need to consider its contents.

It was a relief to learn that the teacher raised three food allergic kids of her own.

On day two of pre-school he took a bite of cracker. I view this similarly to him taking a swig of Drano. However they saw it differently, instead of reporting to us directly incident was relayed to us through our daycare provider.

Last week, instead of putting energy into blog posting, I put it into a missive to the pre-school. The Wife explained that it might work better for everyone involved if we behave in such a way as to maintain relationships. She’s so smart. She talked with them Monday.

The Boy 7 got sucked into scouting by the offer of a pinewood derby car. I expressed my allergy concerns to the Cubmaster and he expressed his interest in having me as a leader to be in a good position to know about food and environments.

From now on I prefer to be referred to as Den Leader…this ought to be interesting.

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"Bow to your Den Leader!"