Friday, September 09, 2005

Prairie Progressive: On Being Poor

My friend the Prairie Progressive has had a couple thoughtful posts about being poor.

The first one, September 3rd he directs his readers to this post on a different blog entitled "Being Poor." I spent a few minutes reviewing the entire blog of this author and found it quite interesting. Seems his "Being Poor" post has moved into the print world which is getting him an unusual amount of noteriety.

The second on September 6 quotes extensively from a PodCast he listens to. Having been involved in at least one group discussion (not involving PP) where racism figured heavily in the converation, his confession and guilty plea were refreshing. Plus, the idea that some of the "looters" in New Orleans just plain needed some food was a new idea for me at the time, even if the photo comparison (while even true) is cliche'.

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