Friday, September 16, 2005

Viewed Media: September 9-15

9/9 – (book) Andrew Schwab, Do Not Disturb *

I think this is the second publication from Project 86 guy Andrew. It’s as tedious and painful as any high school literary magazine could be. Take that statement as an indication that Andrew succeeded with what he was trying to do. My favorite section what his accounting of being recognized while standing at a urinal. Do not disturb, indeed.

9/10 – (cineplex) March of the Penguins ***

I dragged the whole family and parts of the neighbor’s family to this, and by dragged I mean it didn’t work out. Yes it’s an awesome story about life and penguins and gives plenty to reflect upon in relation to what living on this earth could mean. But that’s not enough for three kids with a combined age of 17 who’ve already seen (been poisoned by?) Disney movies. There were some sections that kept their attention but…

9/16 – (dvd) Million Dollar Baby *****

By total coincidence this week turned in to a Morgan Freeman as narrator fest-a-thon-ival. A person could do worse, eh? I really liked this one. There are examples of community with the gym, finding and living with dignity, finding and dying with dignity and a small twist at the end.


Anonymous said... minuscar is about reducing green house gases and doing what I can do to make a better tomorrow. What else can we do to have a better tomorrow? What about trash? How much is thrown away when you eat at a fast food restaurant? How much stuff gets thrown away a year because it doesn't get used or there is something better out there? How much of that stuff is made w/ oil based products? What's the long term affect of all that? When a business like Wal-Mart comes in and has made everything a comodity how does that affect our enviornment. When we buy stuff should we be looking for as little packaging as possible? Should we be looking for something that is going to last? Do we reuse plates, silverware, napkins? Do we take a cloth bag w/ us to the grocery store when we get groceries? How far do we go? How far is excessive? Do we recycle? What about the recycling process? Is it safe for the enviornment? Are we being lied to? How much do we actually know about our consumption? Just curious about it all. I'm sure our gov't will take care of us.

mytzpyk said...

For me The MinusCar Project is about reducing my green house gasses, and being an example to curious readers that car use isn’t mandatory for living, thereby encouraging others in reducing their own.

The MinusCar Project isn’t about making a better tomorrow. It’s about making a better today. Depending on the moment, I either don’t have high expectations that tomorrow will be better, or I’m not worrying about tomorrow because today has enough trouble of its own. I do have hope that by making a better today, tomorrow might choose to play along.

“Are we being lied to?” - probably.

“I’m sure our gov’t will take care of us.” – probably not.

The rest of you questions appear to be mostly about trash. I checked – is available.