Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Readings From the Internets

Finally, a Bush policy (or was it just a suggestion?) that I can get behind...

Bush? Asking Americans to conserve? On Gas? What? There’s some sort of problem? How unAmerican! I think the last president that did that lost his job, and then became perhaps? arguably? the greatest xPresident ever.

Speaking of Jimmy, Hairy Man Sasquatch, in his own post regarding Bush and conversation, points readers to the text of an April 18, 1977 Proposed Energy Policy speech given by then President Carter. I read the whole speech. I liked it. A lot. You might not.

In other xPresident news, this week in an e-mail that I don't normally read from former democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark I learned of the Clinton Global Initiative. The MinusCar Project is pleased to see that global warming is being talked about at higher levels than blogspot.com.

Finally, yesterday my Google News Alerts for “North American Solar Car Challenge” fed me this alterNet article which happens to contain the words north, american, solar, car, and challenge. Here is a quote I liked:
...the political force that finally manages to take this issue on is the political force that also understands and helps to nurture the deep-rooted and unsatisfied American desire for real community, for real connection between people. The force that dares to actually say out loud that "more" is no longer making us happier, that the need for security and for connection is now more important.

So, are you listening to the President? Are you conserving? If you need help, I'm here for you.

(This has been a hopelessly lefty blog post from The MinusCar Project. Forgive me if you must.)

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