Saturday, September 03, 2005

Where’s My Toenail?

Audioscrobbler says my favorite band is Project 86. Right behind that on the list is hed (PE). Just about five years ago KT and I headed to Sioux City for a four band concert. We skipped the opening act thinking they’d be a waste of time. The three bands we caught were Project 86, hed (PE) and P.O.D.

Interesting to me is that three of the bands at the concert became staples in my listening library: Project 86, hed (PE) and the opening act that we skipped…a small band…maybe you’ve heard of them…Linkin Park. We were idiots for missing them.

Five years later Project 86 comes through this town as part of “the biggest free Christian music festival in the country, LifeLight.” I went. With KT and DDD. It was a good show of course.

Special props to the organizers and people involved in making the festival apparently successful. For the short time I was there I found my way easily in and out and very much enjoyed the long walk through the 8ft tall corn. Hopefully it was as smooth on the inside as it appeared from the outside.

Here’s a free tip to the older people who don’t get to go to concerts very much anymore. If you aren’t going to be able to resist the mosh pit, don't wear sandals. Has anyone seen my toenail?

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