Monday, September 05, 2005

The End Is Here

It was late May that I began this project and identified an ending point of Labor Day, September 5. I said then the goal would be to maximize the number of times I use alternative transportation and minimize the use of my car as a single occupant.

During the project I utilized alternative transportation 104 times, I made use of my car as a single occupant 33 times, and drove or rode in a multi-occupant vehicle 77 times.

I have good history that shows prior to The MinusCar Project my car averaged 450 miles per month. Throughout this three month project my car went a total of 334 miles, or 111 miles a week average. These miles included a 180 mile trip to Nebraska and a single very high 112 mile week caused by poor planning.

The bottom lines…

I didn’t think the total miles driven would end up so high, but I’m still pretty happy with these numbers: pre-MinusCar Project 1305 miles, MinusCar Project 334 miles.

I knew I’d still need to use a car; after all I have a wife and two young kids. I’m mildly happy with these numbers: 104 MinusCar trips, 110 automobile trips.

So, to answer the big question: Surviving in the northern plains without a it possible? Yes it’s possible. But it’s difficult. Did I succeed? No.

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Anonymous said...

To say that you didn't succeed is wrong. After all the MinusCar Project isn't done it? I'll take "Mild Winters" for 300 Alex.