Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Report: September 12-18

Trips -
MinusCar: 9
Multi-occupant Auto: 6
Single occupant Auto: 5

Single occupant vehicle trips were high this week. Most of them involved failure to plan for daycare and school pickups. One of them was unplannable so The Wife could work late, but others involved my failure to realize that if The Boy 7 doesn't bike to school in the morning then I don't have a way to get him home without a car; which is to say I haven't mastered the school routine quite yet.

My Car Miles: 34
My Bike Miles/Hours: 93/6

The car miles were a little higher than I like and I place the blame squarely on Saturday. It was going to be a banner MinusCar day. I was going to load up the backpack with about seven different errands to run beginning with an investment club meeting at the country club. And then it rained.

I was going to represent The MinusCar Project by sitting in the country club eating breakfast with cycling shoes and mildly sweaty clothes. It was going to be great. Sitting the in the country club soaking wet and muddy after a ride in the rain wasn't going to be great.

The hourly forecast indicated that it would be mostly done raining by the time the meeting finished, so I put the bike on the car and drove thinking that I'd use the car as a base camp as I performed my errands. The rain continued for most of the day. I postponed my errands.


I ran my bike into the garage when I got home.


KT and I decided to go to a 9pm movie. Either I could drive so that we could be on time or he could drive and we would be late. I drove. We went to the movie. It was a very, very good movie. Funny, I just remembered, we were late anyway.


I didn't really run my bike into the garage.

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