Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The MinusCar Project altEnergy Stock Portfolio (McASP)

The MinusCar Project altEnergy Stock Portfolio (McASP)

The MinusCar Project is (perhaps painfully) obviously interested in seeing positive news related to alternative forms of energy. In fact The MinusCar Project finds quite a lot of hope in finding news items related to the increased use and acceptance of alternative forms of energy.

Since becoming a regular reader of Clean Break and other related websites (I’d hate to reveal ALL my sources) I’ve been interested and pleased to see that altEnergy is also gaining acceptance in financial markets.

“About $100 million (U.S.) has been invested in solar-related ventures in the first half of 2005.”

“Shares of publicly traded solar-focused companies have jumped 150 per cent over the past 12 months.”

New blog feature: The MinusCar Project altEnergy Stock Portfolio (McASP). You did this in high school economics class, right? Take $1000 imaginary (or real if you like) dollars, invest it in alternative energy stocks, see if you are able to retire when you turn 50.

My initial picks reflect my choice of solar power as being the most accessible and interesting. Future portfolio purchases will not necessarily be limited to solar powered stocks.

Buy/sell onsiderations will occur during weekends with Monday's closing price being the official transaction price. McASP progress reports will be given on Tuesdays.

Here is what I did with my $1000 over the weekend:

DSTI – 18 shares @ 14.26
ENER – 7 shares @ 39.26
ESLR – 32 shares @ 8.14
SPIR – 20 shares @ 10.17

Cash – 4.62

Here is a Yahoo! Finance link to the McASP stocks.

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