Thursday, September 22, 2005

More Riffs


I performed my most controversial (in my mind) bicycle commuter maneuver in the presence of an officer of the law today. I don’t think it’s an illegal maneuver, but I don’t know that it’s not. I just don't know if it's legal to pass vehicles on the left [originally this said right, but I was half asleep when I originally wrote it] in a school zone.

Family Pets

My daily route takes me near the home of a classmate of The Boy 7. This morning I was struck by the resemblance of their family Shitzu to the classmate. (Maybe this one should be labeled as raff.)


Todd G. said...

Careful with the right side passing. It is considerably more dangerous than passing on the left, especially in a school zone where people are more likely to be exiting from the passenger side. You are much easier for a driver to see when passing on the left.

Todd Guess
Columbia, Missouri

mytzpyk said...

Whoops. I should have said left. Left is what I meant. Left is what I do. Thanks Todd.