Thursday, September 01, 2005

Can I Interest You in the Sidewalk?

Today a friend at work said she passed me on her drive home. I thanked her for not taking the opportunity to run over me.

She described that she was in a short line of cars that were trying to figure out how to pass me. This particular road is two lanes with on street parallel parking. It’s busy with college students. I often take up much of the lane to avoid getting doored by a student.

She said she was grumpy until she realized it was me. And then she asked…

“Why don’t you ride on the sidewalk?”


Anonymous said...

Why don't you ride on the sidewalk?

inculcated said...

...because it is a side walk, not a side ride. i'm not very fond of having to dodge peds, nor am i fond of being that much more obscured from infernal combustion contraptions then having to be a part of the road system at each crossing. nope, bikes belong on the road, and if you have to use the sidewalk to bridge distances, i usually, unless absent all peds, get off and walk.