Wednesday, September 16, 2009

090916 - Food, Inc.

Today's Transport -
Walk: 1.1
Bike: 14.8


It was another pulling the trailer type of day. I'm not sure it was completely necessary for the box of cereal I picked up at the natural food grocery store. But for what it’s worth the box came home in pristine shape. Not damaged from needing to get along with work & workout clothes in the messenger bag.

I mention the natural foods grocery store because it was there I learned that the documentary Food, Inc. will be showing in Sioux Falls. FREE!

September 22,
Downtown Holiday Inn.

This movie holds a completely uncoveted MinusCar stamp of approval.

I might even go.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that I want to know what I am consuming.
I'm depressed enough already.

jg_38 said...

kid friendly or really gross?

mytzpyk said...

I haven't seen it but probably some on the gross side. Like probably not The Boy 7 buy maybe The Boy 11. The MPAA rating is PG.

Sasquatch said...

I saw it. It isn't gross. Some animal slaughtering. It is more about industrial ag. and corporate bullying than food, per se. Highly recommended.

mytzpyk said...

Thank you 'squatch! Very helpful.

Long time too. I'm glad you're still around.