Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Day

While I sat on the bus at the depot this morning I observed a few people highly interested in my bike. One of the other drivers even touched it and gave it a little shake in a mocking effort to test the stability of the bike in the rack. It's a very novel thing these racks on the busses.

Today on the way home I joined the bike club's Thursday ride. The whole 3 hour ride ended up at 42 miles, which is pretty slow, but still respectable. There were three new riders tonight. I rode with two of them. They were pretty hammered by the end of the trip. Previously their riding had consisted of 10 miles at a time on the local bike path. This was tougher terrain, plus they took off with the fast group on the way out. I tried to be encouraging and hopefully we'll see them again.

One regular attendee rides a trike. I talked to him about the Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) races he had recently participated in. One of the events was a flying start lap on a 3/8th mile track. He averaged 28mph in that event. Sweet.

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