Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Recently Viewed Media

6/20 - Harry Potter And The Scorcerer’s Stone - **
6/19 – Batman Begins - *****
6/19 – Seinfeld: Season 4: Episodes 7-11
6/10 - Seinfeld: Season 4: Episodes 1-6

Batman Begins – more liberal media Hollywood elite ideas being shoved down an unsuspecting public’s throat, which is to say I loved it. Justice and compassion seem like such quaint notions these days.

My least favorite part was the first Batmobile chase scene. It was twice as long as it needed to be.

KT picked me up for the trip to the movie, which uncovered a problem with the MinusCar Project. It was my turn to drive. I should have driven. But to pick him up would have required a single occupant trip to his house. He knows about this project and he offered to pick me up, but something needs to change.

I could require in that situation that he drive to my house and I drive from there.

I could require that to go out like that we would transport by bicycle or bus to my house or the event.


I could adjust my rules to allow for single occupant trips to pick up a passenger on some occasions, especially when the net miles will be similar. If I did this I’d get to keep more of my friends through this project.


Anonymous said...

I'll still be your friend.

kterveen said...

I will soon purchase a bike, and attempt to do my part in the MinusCar project.