Thursday, June 23, 2005

Three In One

People Know

Someone at work saw me get off the bus last week. She happened into our workroom and asked about it. A teammate turned and said, "YOU RIDE THE BUS?" Good times. Let the wonderment begin.

Adaptation - The Boy 3 is Growing Up

He's wanted a bike to ride around like his brother and dad. Last weekend he got one. A pedal doesn't go around very well. By his second ride he was lifting his foot off the pedal at the top of the stroke and catching the flat side of the pedal on its way down after it flattens out.

Over the weekend he was playing the piano by hitting two fistfuls of keys repeatedly and singing a classic children’s tune. At one point I listened as he switched the key he was singing in to match the dominant key he was playing in.

If I Break the Routine Does Something Else Have to Break Too?

I caught a ride with my wife to work today because I needed to bring water and I wasn’t doing very well with timing to catch the bus. This scenario fits the MinusCar ideal because it’s not really out of the way for her trip to work.

As she was driving away after dropping me off and I was locking up my bike, I realized not only did I not have my keys, but also I had left them on top of the car for the drive. So I got on my bike and went downtown and retrieved them from the top of the car.

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