Thursday, June 02, 2005


Today my statistics evolved into something that I hope won't be too much work. I'll see. Each time I transport myself from one destination to another I will score a point for the method of transport. The methods will be bike, walk, bus, car and single occupant car.

There will be some grey rules for these. Walking will be a point if it's something I would normally have driven or ridden. No points will be scored for walking from the bus to my desk...unless there is some reasonable distance traveled.

Today I scored a point for single occupant vehicle. I called my wife for lunch without enough planning on my part. She ended picking me up which I counted as a single occupant car trip because I initiated the meeting. I counted the return trip from lunch as a regular car trip because it was on her way back to work, and she was going that way anyway.

I'm a geek by the way. If something can be over-engineered I'll try.

Today’s score would have been:

Bike: 2 (from home to bus, to home from work)
Bus: 1 (to work)
Walk: 0
Car: 1 (from lunch to work)
Single Occupant: 1 (from work to lunch)

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