Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Weekend

It was a pretty great weekend! Saturday I did a round of disc golf with KT & DDD. Wet grass led to wet discs which led to wet throws which resulted in very poor scoring. I finished in the middle with 65. My current 10 game average is 54.10.

Later I drove The Boy 7 to a birthday party. To avoid the single occupant trip home I took a 2 hour bike ride around the trail on the single speed. (Free your left brain, ride single!) On the way home we visited the boys at the LBS. I was pleased to find that my recently damaged bike was finished and my bicycle quiver was again at full strength. Those guys are too good to me! Seriously.

At the end of the day Saturday The Boy 7 and I rode bikes to the local convenience store for Gatorade in preparation for my Sunday ride. It was the first utility trip for him and his longest ride yet.

Sunday I put 50 miles on the road bike with the Houseperson. The weather was extraordinary with 52 degrees and very little wind! Remarkable considering what’s been going on with the weather. We were able to view from afar the 50 hot air balloons in a race that was able to get off the ground after trying twice Saturday. That was a pretty site. It was a 70 mile weekend (not including utility trips).

Between all the recreationing, at home we nearly completed a landscaping project. All we need are some perennials (yellow Coreopsis and some Autumn Joy), and some grass to grow. I might have pictures after we get the plants installed.

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