Friday, June 10, 2005

Driving For the Sake of the Car and Oops, I Did it Again!

My car needs an oil change. 3 months or 3,000 miles, and I always do whichever comes last. I had to drive today because they ain’t coming to my house to change the oil are they. I have to drive again tomorrow too because the wife’s car needs a change, and a tire fix and a headlamp. At least I know that the next oil change for my car will be sometime close to never (hopefully).

Today I did it again, and this time it’s very sad. I’ve got 10 or more years experience driving with a bicycle on the roof of my car. You know where this is going don’t you? Before March I had never tried to fit a car with a bike on it into my garage. Today I tried again. I guess if at first you don’t succeed, you might as well be an idiot.

Last time the bike rack took the damage. This time I manually adjusted the fork and the handlebars and it still wouldn’t fit. It looks like I’m in the market for a replacement fork and maybe some other parts. At least I already have to drive tomorrow; I can deliver the damaged goods to Chad in the morning. Hey Chad, do you have any 10 year old green Timberline forks lying around?

Project MinusCar continues tomorrow with the single speed. Sigh.

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