Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Weekends are the worst, although most of the driving is performed with a car full of family. I keep holding in my mind the idea that some day we’ll take a bus trip together.

Saturday evening/night was a special single car occupant failure.

Kassie e-mailed me and said the key to avoiding cars is to always plan ahead. Like Friday much car driving could have been avoided if I had given it enough thought.

I met KT at RibFest! It was a bit of a spontaneous meeting. He was there with his family. His wife was heading home with the kids and I was to meet him and we’d watch the band Kory and the Fireflies. I hung up the phone and began thinking about what I’d need to ride my bike there. Luckily I fully realized that if I rode my bike KT would have to walk home. So I drove.

RibFest! is one of my favorite annual events. I like the barbeque, and this is the perfect place and setting (almost) to enjoy it. It loses a few points because the event is held in a parking lot; sometimes the idea of eating ribs in 90-degree heat on parking lot asphalt isn’t very appealing. But Saturday it was not 90.

I went right to Desperadoes and ordered up the platter, which involves probably 2lbs of meat. After not finishing that, we found a nice place to stand and view the band. I’ve never seen Kory and the Fireflies before. They play a nice family friendly brand of rock and roll. The sort of thing Budweiser would sponsor, which they do. I enjoyed the show.

Kory explained that he's been hanging out with U2. He told us about the "One" campaign which has something to do with Bono. It wants to end world poverty. Kory suggested everyone should be able to eat. I'm thinking there could be a campaign, "One" to end gluttony. Think of it: ONE serving, maybe just ONE pound of ribs. Or how about throw away just one food item on the plate.

On the way home I asked KT about sump pumps and wet basements. At our house we’ve pumped water from our basement two or three times in the couple years we’ve lived there, and we had been pumping during the day. Being a new home and all KT wasn’t sure if he had a pump, but he was going to check before sleep. Sure enough, he didn’t have a pump, and his newly finished basement was wet. Ouch. Welcome to new homeownership in our town. New homes should come with stickers: some assembly required, sump pumps not included.

Sorry KT.


nimbleboy said...

You've never seen Kory and the Fireflies??? I'm kind of surprised. I even remember what I didn't like about them- Kory's wife. She stood up in the front and sort of manufactured enthusiasm for the band. They weren't very good (in 1993(?)- I don't know about now) but somehow people felt kind of obligated to act like they liked them because there's this model in the front dancing and cheering. It all seemed so... fake.


Anonymous said...

Aren't those the guys that sing the "Happy Song"?