Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Local Daily on Transit

Last Sunday our local daily had an article featuring a yet to be approved upgrade to the bus system. A new transfer station is being built near shopping central. As part of that project they’re looking at changing some routes and gaining some efficiencies. The new transfer station will have 22 free parking spaces to enable parking and riding.

I reviewed the proposed new routes and a bus will pass within two blocks of my house. This same bus will continue on by The Boy 7’s school. This could work out very nicely for the continuation of the MinusCar Project into the school year.

They’re also changing how passengers can catch the bus, by requiring them to wait at a designated stop. Some people won’t like that, but I’m quite fine with it. It clearly defines where to wait to be picked up, which was something I’m otherwise learning through experience…some bad. I’m still not 100% comfortable waiting at a stop for a bus.

Finally, a statistic, the report says 700,000 people rode the bus last year. This number is probably double what I would have guessed at the beginning. After taking a few rides I’m able to say that’s about right. I’m don’t think I’ve been on a bus alone since that very first ride I took into downtown.

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